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1. Portland, early 1900's.jpg
The gentlemen are unidentified. The building on the left was the original post office, a store and a residence at different times. The building on the right at times belonged to O.O. Massey and Beeler Dye.

2. Depot on right.jpg
The depot is the building on the right with a railroad flatcar and steam roller parked at the loading ramp. The logs that the men are sitting on are black walnut logs.

5. Dudley Harris and Jim Moore.jpg
Dudley Harris and Jim Moore inside the old flour mill that was located on what is now Jackson Street. The mill began in 1892 as a stock company. The flour was called "Royal Gem" in the 1920s.

6. Roney's Service Station, early 1930's Earl Jernigan, Charlie Roney,____.jpg
Earl Jernigan, Charlie Roney and an unidentified man at Roney's Service Station in the early 1930s.

8. Barber Shop, North side of Main, 1930's.jpg
This is the barber shop that was located on the north side of main street sometime in the 1930s. The customers in the back of the shop are unidentified but the barbers are identified as Newt Durham on the left (the owner), Ollie Briggs in the middle…

9. Luther Hill, far right.jpg
Of the three people the only one identified is Luther Hill on the far right.

10. Walter Riggsbee, Livery Stable, early 1900's.jpg
Walter Riggsbee standing in front of the livery stables in Portland, Tennessee in early 1900s.

11. Mr. Roark.jpg
Mr. Roark - no other information is given

12. Hiram Moore and family.jpg
Hiram Moore and family standing in front of their house.
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