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43. Aerial, Market St., bottom right.jpg
Aerial view of Main Street. Market Street is on the bottom right.

47. Aerial, Old Mill built 1892 - cleaned up.jpg
This shows a closer view of the Old Mill on Jackson Road. You can also see the Grocery Store better in this picture.

21a. 1937 aerial. Main St, RR, depot, Russell St.jpg
Main street is in the center of the picture, the railroad depot is on the right and the Baptist church would be on the top left side.

22a. 1937 aerial, Main St, Market St, Water Tank.jpg
Main Street is bottom left of picture, water tower is in the center on the left and Market Street is running horizontal in the center of picture. The street running vertical thru picture is what would become Highway 109.

40. Aerial of Portland, 1948 photo by Mr Kirby of Westmoreland.jpg
This is an aerial view showing Portland in 1948. Main Street is in the upper left quadrant. The old mill building is just past the Y in the road about midline on the right. In the very top upper right corner you can just see the Methodist Church…

23. Aerial, High St. and S. Russell St., 22 April 1937.jpg
The roads shown are High Street and South Russell Street

Allen Green1.jpg
Pictures of Allen Green

8. Barber Shop, North side of Main, 1930's.jpg
This is the barber shop that was located on the north side of main street sometime in the 1930s. The customers in the back of the shop are unidentified but the barbers are identified as Newt Durham on the left (the owner), Ollie Briggs in the middle…

Big Fish Catch w Raymond Hodges.jpg
Raymond Hodges is 1st person on left, Carlos Hunter is 2nd person from the right
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