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Allen Green1.jpg
Pictures of Allen Green

4th of July 1959 2.jpg
The people in the pictures are unknown but it appears that the fair included food booths as well as booths of skill and rides.

Env says Gilliam Family (1).jpg
These 3 pictures are scanned from negatives that were gifted to the library by the John Hinton family. The envelope they are in simply states "Gilliam Family"

Env says West Reunion.jpg
This picture comes from the box of negatives that was gifted to the library by the John Hinton family. The envelope that the negative is in says that this is the "West Reunion".

McKendree Methodist Church.jpg
"The Richland Methodists organized here in 1877, saving their members from traveling three miles to attend services in Fountain Head, and built their own worship sanctuary in 1882. The congregation grew up with Portland and merged with the Fountain…

Sumner County High School.jpg
This picture is of the 1931 building that was built at a cost of $70,000. It was fashioned after Isaac Litton High School in Nashville. A gymnasium was added in 1948. A new school was built in 1962 and this building became the Junior High…

47. Aerial, Old Mill built 1892 - cleaned up.jpg
This shows a closer view of the Old Mill on Jackson Road. You can also see the Grocery Store better in this picture.
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